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Khroma Herbal Products Review : Keeping My Family Healthy

March 27, 2020

Now seems like a better time than ever to try and keep our family healthy.

With all of the germs floating around, who wouldn’t want to give their immune system a little boost?

Khroma Herbal Products Review : Keeping My Family Healthy

Khroma Herbal Products Review : Keeping My Family Healthy

Awhile ago, I was asked to review a product from Khroma Herbal Products.

Since cold and flu season was underway, I jumped at the chance to try their Warrior Organic Immunity Blend.

With 2 growing boys who go to school and come into contact with germs on a daily basis, anything that can keep my family well is definitely welcomed in this house.

Khroma Herbal Products Review : Keeping My Family Healthy

First Impressions

Glass Bottles

The first thing I noticed when I received my supplement is that it comes in a glass bottle.

I’m normally not someone who thinks too much about BPA and what kind of chemicals may be in my plastic medicine bottles.

But, it did give me a sense that this product would be different than other products I’ve tried in the past.

Glass bottle of Khroma Herbal Products

Real Herbs and Spices

As if I wasn’t impressed enough, I also immediately smelled the herbs and spices as I opened the bottle.

It smells like something you would add to a meal, as opposed to a “medicine” smell.

I really liked that because it felt like I’m actually getting what I’m told I’m getting, instead of some substitute.

Khroma Herbal Product Capsules

The Results

How do you judge whether or not an herbal supplement is working or not?

Well, since I started taking these supplements, I have not gotten sick once.

Sure, there’s the occasional sniffle when the pollen begins covering my entire yard. But, that’s been nothing compared to what I usually deal with during cold and flu season.

So, I’m attributing that to these supplements.

Although I mentioned that I was compensated for the first bottle, I have since gone on to purchase more supplements from Khroma Herbs using my own money. And my initial assessment was still holds up. I haven’t even gotten a cold since taking these supplements, even when my husband came down with a nasty cold.

Herbs resting on wooden spoons

Making A Believer Out Of Me

The bottle states to take one capsule, twice a day. But, I do think that these still work for me when I take them just once per day.

The reason I went to once per day is due to the high quality ingredients themselves.

I don’t have any food allergies. But, there are some spices that give me a little heartburn.

So, despite taking the second dose a few hours before bedtime, I would still get a little heartburn. I couldn’t understand why this was happening because I was not eating anything out of the ordinary.

That’s when it occurred to me to look at the ingredients.

Sure enough, cayenne powder is one of the ingredients. While I can’t be sure that’s what it is, it’s the most likely suspect. Once I cut out the later dose and just stuck with the one pill in the morning, my heartburn went away.

Of course, everyone is different and not everyone will react the same way. Many may find that they need that second dose.

But, knowing how my body reacts to some spices, it was proof that everything they claim is in their products are the real deal. No fillers here!

Ingredients are listed on Khroma Herbs, so if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients, you will know before you make your purchase.

woman sitting on her luggage

Great For Travelers

I know many fear of getting sick right before their vacation. I’m no exception.

But, seeing how well these have been working for me, I would absolutely get these supplements keep my family healthy and to ward off any germs before traveling.

While there are doctors available if you do get sick on vacation, including Walt Disney World, it’s so much better if you can avoid it altogether.

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