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10 Ways To Bring Disney Into Your Home

March 21, 2020

Bringing Disney into your home may be a regular thing in your home. After all, many of us are used to not being able to go to the Disney Parks on a regular basis.

But, being told that we can’t go to the Parks is a completely different experience.

And much like telling a toddler that they can’t do something, being told that I can’t go to the Disney Parks only makes me want to go even more!

So, since we can’t go to the Disney Parks, here are some options to bring the Parks to us.

10 Ways To Bring Disney Into Your Home When We Need It The Most


Of course, the easiest way to get your Disney fix is by streaming endless hours of shows and movies on Disney+.

We have streamed so many wonderful shows and movies the past few days.

And my 16 year old son and I celebrated the early release of Frozen 2 with a large bowl of popcorn. If you’re wondering where my 13 year old son was, he ran upstairs as soon as he heard the movie start. You can’t please everyone…

Hidden MIckey, located at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Look For Hidden Mickeys

One of our favorite things to do on a Disney vacation is look for hidden Mickey’s. Each trip, we see how many we can find. The harder they are to find, the bigger our excitement is when we finally find it.

While we may not be able to go to the Parks right now, that doesn’t mean that the hunt for hidden Mickeys are over.

Looking for hidden Mickeys is a fun way of bringing Disney into your home. And best of all, it doesn’t require anything other than a good set of eyes and a little imagination.

photo credit: Khan Academy

Take A Class

What many don’t know about me is that I’ve always loved drawing, coloring, and pretty much doing anything creative. In fact, I even took a cartooning class in high school.

My mom was pretty convinced that I’d grow up to be an artist…or a Disney animator, since many of my drawings revolved around Disney characters.

While I may never know what it’s like to be an imagineer, the Imagineering In A Box, though Khan Academy, may be the next best thing. And for a free class, it’s worth a look.

There is also a Pixar In A Box class that also looks equally as interesting.

Learn A New Skill

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, there’s no better time than now.

Disney Parks Blog uses Disney animators to show you how these famous characters are drawn.

And if you have Instagram, be sure to use the hashtags #Disney and #BetterTogether and tag @DisneyParksBlog for a chance to be featured.

Mickey Premium Bar at home

Snack on Disney-Inspired Treats

Mickey waffles are a staple in my house. Whenever we feel like we need a vacation, we whip out the waffle maker. Yeah, we eat a lot of waffles.

It may be difficult to find exactly what you need for recipes right now. But, if you have things on hand, there are many simple Disney-inspired recipes out there to try, like the famous Grey Stuff, Dole Whip, or LeFou’s Brew.

But, if you’re like me and would rather be doing anything else besides cooking, there are plenty of pre-made Disney treats on the market.

Between Mickey-shaped goldfish, veggie chips, Mickey Premium Bars, Mickey Sandwiches, Millennium Falcon ice cream sandwiches, and more… there’s no shortage of Disney snacks to munch on.

Lit candle from Wishes Candle Co

Engage in Disney Smells

It’s amazing how scents can play with your emotions. That’s why I love having a couple candles around to remind me of my happy place.

There are many candle companies out there that make Disney scented candles. But, I personally prefer Wishes Candle Co.

Not only do their candles smell amazing, you also get a free Disney trading pin with many of their candles!

If you order through the link provided, you’ll also receive a 10% off coupon.

Access the Parks Virtually

Technology has come such a long way. And thanks to all the content creators out there, there is no shortage of videos to watch on YouTube.

But, if you really want to feel like you’re on an attraction, interactive 360 videos are the best way to experience that. If you have access to a virtual reality headset, it really takes immersion to the next level.

Listen To Disney Music

If there’s a way to lift everyone’s spirits, it’s music. There’s just something about Disney music that makes you want to get up and sing.

Growing up, my mom used to put a VHS tape in for my sister and I to watch whenever she wanted to clean the house. And most of the time, it was a Disney movie or our favorite classic Mickey shorts.

Thanks to my mom, I can’t listen to a Disney soundtrack without getting the urge to get up and clean the house. Thanks, mom…

2020 Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon

Virtual Run Disney

The great thing about virtual run Disney events is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, including your own home.

If you want to make it official and receive an awesome medal at the end of your virtual race, you can sign up on the run Disney website.

But, with so many families eager to find something to do at home, even a pretend run Disney event would be a fun way to keep the family busy.

Mickey at Town Square Theater

Look Forward To Future Trips

One thing that my husband and I both agree on is that we refuse to live in fear.

Although our kids are old enough to know what’s going on, we’re trying to keep things as normal as we possibly can for them. That doesn’t mean that we’re not taking things seriously. We’re definitely taking whatever precautions we can to avoid getting sick.

But, knowing that mom and dad are talking about “when we go back to Disney,” assures our kids that the world won’t always be this scary.

Luckily, none of our future travels have been impacted. But, that doesn’t mean we’re not looking forward to the future and getting back to our happy place.

How is your family keeping busy? And what are you doing to bring Disney into your home?

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