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I Have Goals For The New Year…And I Need Your Help!

December 31, 2019

A New Year can bring up lots of emotions. We all tend to reminisce about all the events that happened in the past year. But, we also start making plans for the upcoming year.

But, to be honest, I’ve been having a hard time making a plan this year. And I need your help!

My Goals For The Upcoming Year

Magic Kindom during the Holidays

My goal for this blog has always been simple. I wanted to help other families plan their Disney vacations.

I spent so much time convincing myself that a Disney vacation was too expensive that it held me back for such a long time. It wasn’t until I talked to a Disney Travel Agent that I got serious about planning. I learned that with the right tools, I could take my family on that magical Disney vacation I always dreamed about.

Sure, we didn’t stay a bungalow at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. And we didn’t get any VIP experiences.

But, what I did get was a magical vacation with my family that fit within our budget.

Meeting Goofy in Epcot

I Need Your Help…

If helping others plan their Disney vacations has taught me anything, it’s that no two families like to vacation the same way.

That’s why I tend to avoid the generic “Itinerary” Posts that detail how to have the Perfect Disney vacation. Because I know that what works for one family may be completely wrong for another family.

And since it’s my goal to help as many families as possible, I decided to give you a chance to voice your opinions and concerns.

How can I be the most helpful to you?

What do YOU want to read about on Disney Solution?

What questions or needs to you have that you’re not finding the answers to?

Would You Like to Help?

What many don’t realize is that although January 1st marks the official start of the New Year, it doesn’t really feel real to me until January 5th.

My birthday is just 5 days into the New Year, so it just seems like a good time to start fresh. New age, new year, new me…

I’m not someone who goes all out for my birthday. I don’t ask for a party or presents.

So, instead of asking for presents, I wanted to switch things up and give you one.

For helping me, I have some Disney goodies that I would like give away to one lucky person.

But, just like a birthday present, you won’t know what’s inside until you get it.

Thank You

If the link below isn’t working, you can also access the Survey directly on Google Forms.

But, don’t delay! While the survey will remain open, the giveaway ends on January 5th, 2020.

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