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Completely Immerse Yourself At Disney’s Star Wars Hotel

December 6, 2019

The Star Wars Hotel will be the newest experience to completely immerse you into the Star Wars universe.

Since D23 a few months ago, little has been said about this brand new Hotel being build near Disney’s Hollywood Stuidos.

But, Walt Disney Imagineering has just announced more details that will make even the tiniest Star Wars fan wishing they could book a trip right now.

Completely Immerse Yourself At Disney’s Star Wars Hotel

Completely Immerse Yourself At Disney's Star Wars Hotel

Not your typical Hotel

As soon as you check in, you will realize that the Star Wars Hotel is not like any Hotel you’ve every stayed at before.

Much like a Disney Cruise, everyone will arrive and depart the Halcyon, the name of the Starcruiser, at the same time. And for 2 nights/3 days, you are completely immersed into the Star Wars Universe.

Every window in the Halcyon, including those in each cabin, has a view of the galaxy with views that change as the ship progresses from place to place.

Photo Credit: Disney

Prepare for takeoff

Disney recently released new concept art for the Galactic Star Cruiser. This is where your Star Wars experience will begin.

Serving as the “lobby” for this new hotel, the Galactic Star Cruiser is where you will check in and board your “launch pod” for travel to the Halcyon.

We are told that the pod will have viewports, which will make it look as though you’re traveling through space.

Guests interacting with Star Wars characters on the Halcyon, the starcruiser at Walt Disney World's newest Star Wars themed Hotel

What to expect on the Halcyon

Once you arrive at the Halcyon, the airlock will open to the ship’s main deck Atrium.

If you’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge, then you are aware of the concept of “creating your own Star Wars Story.” The Halcyon will be no different. Playing hand in hand with Galaxy’s Edge, your choices will determine how your story plays out.

Testing lightsaber skills upon the Halcyon, the starcruiser at Walt Disney World's Star Wars themed Hotel
Photo Credit: Disney

Your time on board will be anything but boring. There are secrets hidden all around the Starcruiser. It is your job to learn about ship systems and how to operate them, including navigation and defense.

Be sure to look out for the many hidden spaces. We hear these places are perfect for uncovering secrets or holding secret meetings.

Of course, your story wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Batuu. Special passenger transports will make a “spaceport of call” to Black Spire Outpost.

Brand new concept art shows what these passenger transports will look like. These transports will connect directly to a spaceport at Black Spire Outpost.

Photo Credit: Disney

When does Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser open?

After leaving us in the dark for some time, we have been told somewhat of a timeline. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will begin transporting Guests beginning in 2021.

However, this timeline is very vague. I’m sure Disney has a projected timeline. But, if Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (opening March 4, 2020) and Rise of the Resistance (opened December 5, 2019) has shown us is that projects get pushed back.

So, for now, I’m fine with the vague timeline. At least we now have one.

But, what I find frustrating is that we don’t know any price points this all-immersive experience.

We already know that it’s going to be expensive. I don’t think that is up for debate. But, for those of us who need to plan and save for months (or years) before going on a Disney vacation, it would be nice to know approximately how much we need to be saving up.

This lack of information only tells us that it is going to be awhile before we will be able to step onto the Halcyon.

Looking for more Halcyon information? Sign up for updates on starwarsgalacticstarcruiser.com.

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