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4 Easy Tips For Tipping Mousekeeping Staff At Disney Resorts

August 6, 2019

Mousekeeping, the affectionate name for housekeepers employed by Disney, are possibly one of the most overlooked Cast Members on property.

Don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of amazing Cast Members. But sadly, many Guests just think of them as the people who change their sheets and towels each day.

Perhaps I see it more because I have kids. But, there’s something special about going back to your room after a long day in the Parks and seeing your child laugh because their stuffed animal is hanging out in the curtains or decided to read a book (opened up to their favorite Marvel character, of course).

Even if we never see them, they really do go the extra mile when it comes to sprinkling that extra bit of magic into your day.

Because of that, I always make sure to think of them while I’m budgeting for my next vacation. It’s the least I can do to let them know they are an important part of my Disney vacations.

How much should you be tipping Mousekeeping?”

Before giving my top tips, I just want to make it known that tipping the Mousekeeping staff is not mandatory.

So, if you haven’t been tipping, don’t feel bad. Some Guests don’t feel the need to. But, other Guests, like myself, do it to show them that their work is appreciated.

As far as how much you should be tipping Mousekeeping, the same rule applies. You should always tip what you feel is acceptable.

Personally, I tip $1 per Guest per night. With 5 people in my family, that means I budget $5 per day, or $30, for our typical one week vacations (obviously I don’t tip the day we get there).

stuffed animals on the bed at Pop Century

1. Tip Per Day

One of the big questions is whether you should be tipping Mousekeeping each day or leave them a larger tip on checkout day.

Again, this is up to you. But, I personally tip a little each day.

Since I don’t know anyone’s work schedule, leaving a little bit each day ensures that everyone who has had a hand in cleaning my room gets their share.

DIY mousekeeping envelope

2. Clearly Label Your Tips

We like to have fun with our envelopes. But, really, any envelope or scrap of paper will do. As long as you leave them a little note stating that the money is theirs, it serves its purpose.

We keep it simple and simply write, “Thank you Mousekeeping!” on our envelopes.

Because not everyone is tipping the Mousekeeping staff, they are not going to take money unless it is specifically addressed to them

They would hate to assume that it was a tip, just to later find out you had cleaned out your pockets and forgot to put the money away before you left the room. How awful would they feel?

Decorating your envelopes are not only fun, it’s a great way to get your kids involved in preparing for your next vacation. And they’re so easy!

Check out how easy it was to create our Mickey Mouse Mousekeeping Envelopes.

Mousekeeping arranging children's toys on the bed at Disney's Pop Century

3. Leave your tip where you know Mousekeeping will see it

Leave your tip on the bed. After coming back to the room multiple times and seeing my tip still sitting where I left it, I’ve done a little testing.

Of all the places I’ve left the tip, the bed is the only place it has been taken 100% of the time.

Mousekeeping doesn’t want to disturb your personal belongings. So, if you leave your tip near personal items on tables, counters, or TV stands, they just may not see it.

Mousekeeping arranging children's toys on the bed at Disney's Pop Century

4. Never Expect Something In Return

Sometimes Mousekeeping will leave little surprises. Sometimes they don’t.

Leaving a tip doesn’t guarantee that something will be left in the room. Disney used to leave little “character towels” for each Guest that stayed in the Disney Resorts. However, I haven’t seen or heard of them doing this for some time now.

It’s much more likely to receive a handwritten thank you note or find that something fun has been done in the room.

Over the years, my niece’s and kids’ stuffed animals have been found hanging in the curtains, watching tv, reading a book, and so much more.

While it’s something we look forward to seeing when we get back to our room, we certainly don’t expect it to happen every time.

But when it does, we just can’t help but smile…and take a picture.

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