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Updates About The Disney Skyliner

July 13, 2019

Many Walt Disney World Guests will tell you just how excited they are to finally be able to ride in one of the brightly colored gondolas on the Disney Skyliner.

I recently spent a few days at Walt Disney World and learned quite a bit about its progress.

But, most importantly, we finally have an opening date!

Updates About The Disney Skyliner

Updates About The Disney Skyliner

Skyliner Construction

For awhile now, we’ve been seeing the gondolas smoothly making their way between gondola stations.

They look like they’re ready to open any day now.

That is, until you see the stations themselves. While some are looking pretty close to being finished, some of these stations have plenty of work to be done.

As much as our impatient minds may be telling us that this project is far from over, let’s remember that Disney has the ability to construct things very quickly when they need to.

Seeing the gondolas making their way up and down the line for some time now means that the mechanics of the skyliner are finished and the stations are just in need of cosmetics.

Skyliner Station between Disney's Pop Century and Art of Animation
Skyliner Station between Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation

Safety is Disney’s Top Priority

While the gondolas look amazing, there’s still quite a bit of testing that needs to be done before opening.

I have never had any doubt that Disney is always looking out for the well-being of their Guests.

After speaking to a Cast Member talk about the safety measures that are going into place and how long the gondolas have been going through the initial testing phase, further proves to me that Guest safety is of the utmost importance.

The gondolas are being run completely empty. But, it won’t be long before they start adding the water dummies to the gondolas, simulating the added weight the Guests will be putting on the system.

The Fire Department has been seen conducting land and water rescue drills. If heaven forbid, there in an emergency and Guests have to be evacuated from the gondolas, they ‘re all set.

Platforms are raised to help Guests down from the gondolas. This means that Guests in ECV’s and children in strollers will be able to safely get down.

Disney Skyway gondolas making their way above Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney Skyway gondolas at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Will The Skyliner Cause Noise Issues At The Resorts?

Knowing that Caribbean Beach will be the central hub for the entire Skyway was a big reason I chose to stay there during my latest stay in Walt Disney World.

Before recommending this Resort to my clients, I wanted to know…

How noisy are these gondolas and how will it affect your stay at the Resort?

You will be happy to hear that these are the quietest modes of transportation on Walt Disney World Property!

As you can see, there are giant support beams that are located just steps from many Guest Rooms in certain areas of the Resort.

I didn’t expect a brand new system to be loud. But, I did expect to hear some sort of rumbling or rolling noise as they passed over the supports. While this would be minor, I could see how this could potentially cause issues in certain rooms at the Resort.

I heard nothing!

I was standing outside and I still couldn’t hear the skyliner. So, I am happy to recommend this Resort to any of my Clients.

Disney Skyliner at Hollywood Studios
Gondolas on the way to Hollywood Studios

When will the Skyliner open?

That is the question on everyone’s minds.

The Disney Skyliner will open September 29, 2019!

I think Disney would love for the Skyliner to be open in time for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But, we all know Disney isn’t going to rush anything before it’s ready.

If the delayed openings of Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has taught us anything, it’s that Disney will make sure that everything is done right. They do not officially open attractions before they are ready.

I did have questions about the Skyway opening as a whole or portions would open up earlier than others. And this had to do with the construction going on in the France pavilion.

From what I can tell, Disney will be opening the entire Skyway on the same date, including the station at the Riviera Resort, which is currently under construction. The Riviera Resort will open later this year.

Disney takes pride in keeping things a secret. And it will be much more difficult if you have Guests taking pictures from the gondolas.

But, they must feel confident in their ability to hide the progress being made. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be opening all parts of the Skyway right away.

Disney Skyliner at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney Skyliner gondola passing over a support beam

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