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Walt Disney World Changes Their Credit Card Authorization Policy

January 15, 2019

If you know me, whenever we travel to Walt Disney World, my credit card is never a part of the equation. As I’m saving money, I put it on Disney Gift Cards and pay down my balance using those Gift Cards. I also use them to buy any souvenirs I may want while I’m actually on vacation. Everything is accounted for before we leave, so I don’t go home in debt.

So, if your family is like mine, this new Credit Card Authorization Policy shouldn’t affect how you normally travel too much.

However, if you like the convenience of charging everything to your room via your MagicBand and paying for everything upon checkout, this will be something you will need to be aware of before arriving to Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Grand Floridian

Credit Card Authorization Policy Change

Beginning February 27, 2019, the Walt Disney World Resorts will be issuing a new payment card policy. Much like other non-Disney Hotels, Disney will start placing incremental authorization holds on your card, for estimated incidental expenses, in addition to any balance due on your reservation.

What if you don’t want to place a card on file?

Placing a card on file is optional. But, if you choose not to place a card on file, you lose the ability to charge your room via your MagicBand.

How will this effect online check-in?

To be perfectly honest, this is the part that will affect my trips from this point forward.

I love online check-in. I get to hop off the Magical Express and go right to my room without dealing with the check-in desk. But, one of the requirements for utilizing online check-in is placing a credit card on file.

But, since I never never charge anything to my room or MagicBand, I’ve never received a single charge to that card.

Well, with this new policy going into effect, the authorization hold will apply to Guests who use online check-in, since there’s no way to not put a credit card in. So, if this is something you’re uncomfortable with, skip online check-in and just check-in at the Resort.

Have a trip planned during the new policy change?

Guests who have an existing reservation during or after the policy change will receive a letter from Disney later this month. letting you know all about the new Policy.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us and we will get you the answer ASAP.

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