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Beat The Heat At Walt Disney World

July 23, 2018

With the weather hitting triple digits this week here in Houston, risks for heat stroke and dehydration are a serious concern.

I understand the excitement of being at Disney and jumping from attraction to attraction. Walt Disney World is a fantastically magical place. But, not if it poses any threat to your health. Nothing is worth getting heat stroke!

Heatstroke is predictable and preventable, so take these minor steps to cool yourself down whenever possible.

Signs of heat stroke

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Avoid the sun when it’s at its peak

This seems unavoidable. After all, you don’t go all the way to Disney to sit inside all day. But, if you can, consider going to the parks earlier in the day or later in the day, when the sun is a little less intense.

If you don’t want to leave the parks, use this time to watch some of those amazing shows! Not only do you get to see a great show, it’s a chance to sit down in an air conditioned room.

My favorite show to beat the heat in is at Animal Kingdom. If you’re ever there, make sure to check out Festival of the Lion King. I love it!

Walt Disney Festivals

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate your BodyI won’t lecture you on the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. I think we all know how important it is.

But how do I stay hydrated AND on budget? Free ice water!

Any quick service counter will give you ice water if you ask them. I drink as much as I can and save the rest in my insulated water bottle.

These things are a lifesaver! We’ve been spending a lot of time at our local water park this summer. The outside of my bottle will be HOT to the touch, but when I open it up, my water is still ice cold. It’s awesome! The best part is that there are so many great inexpensive brands that work just as well as the Yeti cup!

Take advantage of Pools and Water Parks

There is nothing more refreshing than jumping in a pool on a hot day. In fact, the pools and the Water Parks are just one of the many amazing things I love about Walt Disney World. Many have water slides, especially in the more expensive Resorts. You won’t be disappointed if you stay at the Value Resorts, though. Each Resort has more than one pool, so if one is too busy, check out the others. Also, Art of Animation features the only pool on property with underwater speakers!

If you’re worried about the cost of adding the Water Parks (Park Hopper Plus) to your Vacation Package, consider purchasing those tickets separately. One day Water Park Tickets are cheaper than upgrading your Park Tickets if you also don’t plan on Park Hopping.

And remember to wear plenty of sunscreen!

The Walt Disney Theme Park

Wear appropriate clothing

Disney T-Shirt

Stuff your suitcase with moisture-wicking clothing and light fabrics that allow you to cool down. Multiple layers and dark clothing will only retain heat, making your feel even hotter.

Of course everyone wants to look cute for all those Instagram photos. I’m all for super-cute photos, but no matter how great the clothes I’m wearing are, I’m not going to look my best if my face is all flushed and I’m feeling sick. I’d rather feel great rather than look great.

Embrace the Rain

Sometimes the best thing to happen when you’re overheated is for it to start raining. Not only will you cool down, many Guests tend to leave the park, so you will be able to enjoy the temporary lower crowds. Just be careful not to walk around too long in wet shoes. Blisters are NO FUN!

Be PreparedDisney Bottle

Whether it be mister fans, cooling towels, or umbrellas, make sure you have something that will help cool you down or keep you out of direct sunlight. Disney sells these items, but unless you want to pay Disney prices

Don’t just rely on hopping in an indoor queue. Even covered or indoor queues can get hot. Whenever you get a chance, spritz yourself with some water or fan yourself.

Enjoy Frozen Treats

Finally, a reason for needing Dole Whip (as if we needed one). Not only does it taste amazing, it will cool you down. Need one right away? The Aloha Aisle is available for Mobile Ordering.

Of course, I’m not opposed to sitting on Main Street with a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone in my hand while waiting for the Parade to come through. Just make sure you get to Plaza Ice Cream Parlor early. There always seems to be a long line whenever I go.

dole whip


Visit the nearest First Aid Center if you’re starting to feel ill from being out in the sun too long. Complimentary transportation is available if you need to visit Urgent Care.

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