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Our Experience At T-Rex…And how you can save money on your meal (or get it for free)

December 2, 2017

As many of you know, we ate at T-Rex in Disney Springs not too long ago. We did have reservations for lunch, but after the hurricanes caused our plane reservations to be cancelled a few times, we cancelled them. We were hopeful that we would still be able to eat at T-Rex sometime during the week because it was one of the things that the boys were really looking forward to, but we weren’t sure if it was going to happen. It was such a busy day, but after running around Houston last minute, parking our car for the week, moseying our way to the airport, and then traveling to Florida, we were starving.

After a quick look to see our room at Port Orleans – Riverside, we hopped on the ferry and down the Sassagoula River to Disney Springs.


When we arrived to T-REX, we were told that the wait was about 35 minutes long. But, as soon as I pulled out my Landry’s Select Card (not an affiliate link), our wait dropped to a mere 10 minutes. If you have not gotten your Landry’s Select Card, I highly suggest getting one. It does cost $25, but you get that $25 right back in the form of a Welcome Reward linked to your card. You will also get a $25 Birthday Reward and another $25 Reward once you reach 250 points.

While I waited by the entrance for the Hostess to call my name, my boys walked around the gift shop and watched the giant animatronic T-Rex. Of course, they are fans of dinosaurs, so they loved it.


The Atmosphere

We were seated off to the side of the restaurant, closer to where the giant jellyfish light is. This section was away from where a lot of people were being seated, so that was nice. While it would have been cool to sit inside the ice cave, we felt like we had some elbow room and it was slightly quieter where we were, so we could actually hear each other talk.

If you’ve never been to T-Rex, think Rainforest Cafe but with a dinosaur theme. We’ve been to Rainforest Cafe plenty of times in Niagara Falls, and once in Houston, so we are fully aware of how loud it can get. If you don’t know what to expect, you may not like how noisy it is (and small children may get scared).

About every 15 minutes, the restaurant will change and you will witness meteor showers and dinosaurs going off all over the place. Even the ice cave will turn a very bright red.

Our server was very nice and it didn’t take too long for our food to come out. By this time, it was about 8 30 pm, so it was very much appreciated. I wish I had a picture of my plate, but we hadn’t eaten a meal since breakfast, so I was hungry.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but we didn’t have silverware at the table, so we had to call the server back over to our table. It was really no big deal (I just munched on my roll while I waited), but the manager must have seen us because he came to our table to make sure everything was ok. He was very nice, asked us how we were liking Disney Springs, and where we were from. He even gave us a great suggestion on where to buy anything we forgot to pack. It was a great gesture.

IMG_6724The Food

If people are going to disagree about T-REX, it’s going to be about the food. Personally, I like the food. I would never consider myself a foodie. I just eat what tastes good, so the fact that it has something that I like works for me. I you’re looking for something totally unique to Disney or something you wouldn’t be able to find at nearly every restaurant at home, you’re not going to find it at T-REX. It’s a pretty standard menu, from what I can tell.

I had the Prehistoric Pasta and loved it. A lot of times, I have to ask to omit the meat from certain dishes (and hope that they actually do), but the Pasta was perfect as-is and I didn’t need to modify it. On the other hand, my husband wasn’t a fan of his selection. Luckily, there was so much food on my plate that he just finished mine. He agreed that my meal was good and he wished he had ordered it himself.


Saving at T-Rex

T-Rex is on the meal plan, so if you have a Disney Dining Plan that includes Table Service Credits, your meal is covered. Unfortunately you can not use your Quick Service Credits at T-REX.

Another great option to save money on your meal is using Landry’s Gift Cards. If you purchased that Landry’s Select Card and haven’t used it yet, you will already have $25 saved up ($50 if you also travel during your birthday month).

Since I don’t like to pay for anything I don’t have to, I use some of my vacation fund and I purchase Landry’s Gift Cards. You can purchase Discount Gift Cards at Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Raise. If you use Swagbucks, you can purchase a gift card through My Gift Cards Plus and get cash back in your account. Currently, Raise has the best discount at 13% off, but they change, so look around for the best Discount.

I had enough Gift Cards saved up that we ate at T-REX for exactly $0 out of pocket. The money I took from my vacation fund to pay for the Cards was earned through Grocery Apps and other money making apps, so we had a great meal at no cost to us.


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