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Why The Dining Plan Makes My Vacation Better

October 8, 2017

I am not against anyone who chooses not to get the dining plan. You have to do what is best for your family. And in some circumstances, the Dining Plan does not work for you or your family. But, for me and my family, the Dining Plan is something that has become a necessity.

Why the Dining Plan makes my vacation better


I get to eat what I want

You’re probably curious as to what I mean when I say this. Of course, whenever I go out to eat I can choose what I want. But, price is often the driving force behind my decision. Even if I really want that veggie burger and fries, if I feel like the price is more than what I am comfortable paying, I will settle for a cheaper, equally delicious, option. With the Disney Dining Plan, I can actually get that veggie burger and fries and not feel guilty (at least about the cost).


I can keep my wallet at home

As most of you know, I was just at Disney World a few weeks ago. Since we had the Disney Dining Plan, all of our receipts show $0.00, but I always peek at the register before I scan my MagicBand. If we did not have the Dining Plan, we would have paid between $50 and $100 PER MEAL (and we always do Quick Service). Whether or not you’ve financially planned ahead for your meals, it’s still a shock to your system when you realize that you have spent $1200 for a week of food. And of course, that’s not including snacks. Some would argue that whether you paid for it in your vacation package or at the counter, you’re still paying A LOT. But, by using the Dining Plan, I have peace of mind in knowing that all of my meals are paid for ahead of time…and I can keep my wallet out of the equation.


“Free” Refillable Mug

Who doesn’t LOVE souvenirs? The refillable mug is a fun souvenir to bring home…and it’s included in the Dining Plan. They can’t be refilled in the parks, but it’s great to fill up at any resort on property without having to dish out more money.

Tip: Make sure you bring your refillable mug with you when you eat at resorts. Your meal comes with a drink, but many don’t grab one since they brought their mug with them. GET IT! We bring our mugs with us and save the bottled beverage for when we’re at the parks. Sure, it’s something extra to carry around, but you won’t be spending money or snack credits when you get thirsty.


You will never be hungry

It’s true what everyone says. The Dining Plan gives you a lot of food. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Without fail, at the end of the week, we end up with extra snack credits that didn’t get used throughout the week. What some call a waste, I call an opportunity. We always use up our credits to get treats for friends and family back home. My niece loves getting treats from Mickey Mouse and I don’t have to pay extra getting them for her.


I love the Dining Plan…Especially When My food is “FREE”, with or without the Free Dining Promotion

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