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Be Our Guest Review and Tips

October 3, 2017

Be Our Guest is unarguably one of the most popular Restaurants in all of Walt Disney World.

Who wouldn’t want to eat in the Beast’s Castle?

Although breakfast and lunch is still worth 1 Quick Service Credit, because of it’s popularity, reservations are available. And they are highly recommended!

Be Our Guest Review and Tips

Getting Reservations

My Disney Experience

The most effective way to score a reservation is to log onto My Disney Experience as soon as your window opens 180 days prior to your check-in date. We have dined at Be Our Guest twice now and both were booked right as our window opened.

If you are traveling during a busy time of year, you may also find that you’re more successful finding availability towards the end of your trip.

If you still find yourself out of luck, keep checking back. Guests are constantly changing their plans, so you never know when an availability will show up.

By phone

Some Guests swear they have better luck calling 407-WDW-Dine.

As great as the modern age of computers are, sometimes they’re no match to speaking to an actual person.

Walk Up

If all else fails, walk up to the check-in desk. You never know what will happen.

Although Guests are hit with a no-show fee, it still happens. This means that there are open tables in the restaurant.

As long as you’re fully prepared to be turned down, it never hurts to ask.

Knights guarding the hallways of Be Our Guest

Reservation Day

Ordering lunch

Since lunch is a Quick Service meal, the ordering process is set up a little bit like other Quick Service restaurants. But, Be Our Guest has a way of making it feel a lot more magical.

We arrived shortly before our reservation, where we were greeted by a Cast Member. As soon as your reservation was verified, we were allowed to walk through the front doors. We were handed a menu to look over while we stood in line.

Once we made our way to the front of the line, we were guided towards a kiosk. If you need help, there are Cast Members at a few registers. But, for the most part, you order on your own through a touchscreen.

Once we completed our order, we took our rose and found a table.


Stepping inside the Beast’s Castle

Walking around inside Beast’s Castle is like stepping inside of the movie.

There are 3 rooms that you can choose to sit in, the Main Ballroom, Beast’s Room, and Beauty and the Beast’s Room.

We were told that we were free to walk inside the restaurant and take photos as we waited for our food.

Cast Members will walk around and look for the rose on the table. These roses tell Cast Members where Guests are sitting.

The Ballroom is absolutely beautiful. Pictures do not do this room justice. Everything is magical, from the chandeliers to the snow falling outside the window.

Beauty and the Beast Statue, dancing together, at Be Our Guest

Beauty and the Beast’s room is small, but adorable.

The pictures on the wall were stunning, but seeing Belle and the Beast dancing in the middle of the room was the best part of the whole room.

Photo of Prince Adam, hanging in the Beast's Room, in Be Our Guest

Lastly, there is the Beast’s Room. This is where you find the enchanted rose.

The whole room is dark, so I had a hard time taking a nice photo. But, I really enjoyed the theming in this room.

By far, the coolest effect in the whole restaurant is when you see a glimpse of the Beast in Prince Adam’s photo.

Although the Beast’s room is dark and sometimes loud, there really isn’t a bad seat in the whole restaurant. It is so hard to believe that an atmosphere like this could be Quick Service.

the Enchanted Rose, located in the Beast's Room, in Be Our Guest Restaurant.
Enchanted Rose in the Beast’s Room

The Food

Both times I have gone to Be Our Guest, it hasn’t taken long to receive our food.

The only complaint that I have is that there could be more Vegetarian options to choose from. But, since Disney announcing that 400+ more Plant-based meals are coming to the Parks, I’m hopeful for some menu changes.

My meal was delicious, but the star of the afternoon was the dessert…and I’m not talking about the Gray Stuff.

I am not a fan of chocolate oreos, so the Gray Stuff doesn’t appeal to me. My children, on the other hand, seem to devour them whole.

But, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake is hands-down my favorite item on the menu.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake at Be Our Guest

Final Thoughts

While some believe the restaurant to be overrated, I personally love it.

The food has been good both times, but what you’re really there for is the atmosphere.

Being able to say that you have eaten in Beast’s castle, at Be Our Guest, is something special. This is why I booked that second trip and why I have dreams of booking more trips in the future.

The Beast's Castle seen above the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

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