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All New Way To Pay For Your Disneyland Tickets

September 28, 2017

Swagbucks has Disneyland Tickets!

This is the perfect opportunity to save on a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. You can now redeem your Swabucks (or SB) for 2 and 3 day eTickets. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this addition. This will totally change the way guests visit Disneyland.

Swagbucks has always been a great tool of mine. It is the main reason that I have been able to go to Disney World for free. By adding the eTickets, Swagbucks has made it that much easier to plan a dream vacation. By getting these “free” Park Tickets, a large portion of your expenses that come with taking a vacation is gone. That’s magical!

2017-09-27 (2).png

Now that your tickets are covered, find out how to pay off the rest of your vacation with Ways To Save For Any Vacation.

Please Note: Ticket expires 13 days from first use or January 13, 2019, whichever occurs first. Retain confirmation receipt as proof of purchase and activation.

Swagbucks changed the way I travel and it can change yours, too. If you have not yet joined Swagbucks, you can join for free here. (affiliate link) Join Swagbucks! is not authorized or endorsed by, or officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, or any of their affiliates. For official Disney information, visit

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