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Declutter Your Home: Throw Away or Repurpose

July 19, 2017

Have you heard about the new trend? Well, it’s not that new, actually it has existed for ages, but nowadays it is attracting more and more attention and followers than ever before. With the uprise of environmental-friendly and green lifestyle, many people have turned to repurposing furniture and household items as an original way to express themselves and stand out of the crowd, while also preserving nature and not letting anything go to waste. Whether it’s an old wooden foot board transformed into a sophisticated sign you can put on your lawn, or turning the old drawers into a fancy set of shelves, giving second life to objects is a truly rewarding project.


Where Are They Now

In the very nature of decluttering is the act of cleaning. You remove what’s not needed from the picture and what remains is a clean slate ready and waiting for something new to appear on it. The choice whether to throw away or upcycle is completely up to you, but Edmonton cleaning services remind you that, if not recycled, garbage ends up decaying in landfills and in many cases, polluting the soil and water. So why not do yourself and humanity a favor and spare the earth this torture by turning your old shipping boxes into gorgeous storage baskets you can put in your bathroom or closet. Or the empty coffee cans into decorative pots for real or artificial flowers. Imagination knows no limits when it comes to upgrading our homes and making them snugger, but when that includes adding something new to it – well, that’s a winner!


Creating Means Living

If you chose the green way of life and there’s a big possibility you’ll end up spending hours on end scrolling through such inventive ideas, each one more interesting and easier than the one preceding it. This is the awesome thing about living in this age of technology, you can freely get inspiration from any corner of the world without even moving from your comfy chair. We have summed up some of the best ones for you which you can turn into reality today with idly laying objects around your house and clean your cupboards.


Project One

Let’s start from your wardrobe. We open it and see a couple of well-aged pants hangers, which no longer serve their purpose the way they’re supposed to. Worry no more, what you need is 2 minutes, to turn them into pretty vintage recipe holders. Tie a nice-looking ribbon, which goes well with your kitchen aesthetic onto the metal part and write something quirky like “What’s cooking?” on the wooden part – your first DIY project is finished. Just wait till your friends see it hanging in your kitchen while you’re preparing Jill’s birthday dinner.


Project Two

Next time you enjoy your favorite vegetable soup you might want to keep the tin after cleaning it. This seemingly ordinary object has much to offer to your veranda or terrace. Like, for example, making Pinterest-worthy lanterns from the can’s body and wind chimes from the lids. Your kids would love to help you with these two projects. For the lanterns, you have the freedom to paint the cans whatever color you prefer and make them even more attractive by punching holes with a nail, for that eye-catching polka dot design. The leftover tin lids will be painted with various patterns like flowers and spirals and tied to bedazzled strings. A lovely place to hang them will be a tree branch near your patio, so that the summer breeze embraces them fully.


Imagine! Create! Inspire!

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