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Easy DIY Disney Necklaces That Won’t Break The Bank

June 9, 2017

I’ve been looking for some cute accessories to wear on our next Disney trip, but everything I liked has either been too expensive or it looks like it’s made for a child to wear. I wanted something different.

Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby, whether it’s intentional or not, I always seem to end up in the aisle with all the jewelry pieces. It’s funny because I don’t even consider myself a jewelry type of girl. But, their “fairy tale” section always catches my eye. Sure, they’re based off the original fairy tale stories, but that’s what I like about them so much. Even my boys will stand there with me and point out Disney movies.

When I saw that everything in the Fairy Tale section was 50% off, I knew now was the time to buy!

This is what I came up with…

Beauty and the Beast –

I saw the red rose and, of course, I thought of the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, especially since it has just a little bit of sparkle in the middle. We have a reservation to Be Our Guest, so this will be the perfect thing to wear to the Beast’s Castle. I already had the chain at home, so the total amount for this necklace is just $1.50.

Peter Pan –

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning


This necklace cost a little more than the first, but I think it’s pretty magical.

I first saw the little glass jars and I instantly thought of Tink and her fairy dust. It came in a pack of 3, so I picked the shape I liked the best. A tiny funnel, some sparkly glitter, and a little bit of strong glue and I have some fairy dust of my own.

The Peter Pan charm and the gold star came as a 2-pack and they are a perfect additions to the pixie dust.

I looked and looked for a chain to put all of these pieces together. Finally, I found this one. It reminded me of Neverland, for some reason. Maybe it’s the colors. I’m not quite sure the reason, but I like how they go together. The chain wasn’t on sale, so I used my 40% off coupon, which brought the cost down to $5.99.

The total for this necklace was:

  • $5.99 for the chain
  • $1.49 for the Peter Pan Charms
  • $2.99 for the Glass Jars
  • Grand Total: $10.47

I’m still debating on going back to Hobby Lobby and finding smaller jump rings, but for now, I like how it turned out. And I’m pretty sure no one else at the parks will have the same necklace.

The Little Mermaid –


Once I found a brass Seashell Locket that I liked, I immediately began looking for a Dinglehopper. No Little Mermaid necklace would be complete without a Dinglehopper!

That sure was a task. I never realized how hard it would be to find a tiny fork until I actually needed one. Finally, I found a pack of tiny utensils called Spare Parts in with some scrapbooking supplies. The best part was that they all have a tiny hole at the top, so I just have to slip a jump ring in.

I decided to reuse the chain I had found for Peter Pan. The colors fit perfectly. But something seemed missing. As much as I liked the seashell and the Dinglehopper, they just fell flat against the chain.

My solution? I took some blue and white paint and applied it to the charms. I just used my finger because I wasn’t looking for a polished, even finish. Anything that’s been sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor would not be perfectly pretty. Once the paint dried, I took a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded off the excess paint that I didn’t want on the charm. The result is subtle, but gives them just a little bit of color and dimension.

The total for this necklace was:

  • $5.99 for the chain
  • $.99 for the shell
  • $2.50 for the pack of small utensils,
  • Grand total: $9.48.

Final Cost: $15.46 for all 3 necklaces

Which one is your favorite?




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