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Kingdom Strollers Makes Traveling With Young Kids Easy

April 4, 2022

Bringing a stroller from home is a hassle. Even if you manage to get it through the airport without wanting to throw it out a window, you have to hope that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. And with Disney’s stroller size restrictions, you may be carrying it across state lines just to be told that it’s too large to be allowed into the Disney Theme Parks. That’s…

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Real ID Compliant License Requirement Extended Until 2021

April 22, 2020
Wing of an airplane as it glides through the air

Due to recent events, the requirement to have a Real ID – compliant driver’s licenses has been postponed by one year. But, what exactly is a Real ID – compliant driver’s license? How do you know if you already have one? And what will happen if you try to board an airplane without one? Real ID Compliant License Requirement Extended Until 2021 New ID Requirements to Fly This…

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How do I Protect My Ears When I Fly?

April 17, 2019
How do I Protect My Ears When I Fly?

You are packed and at the airport in plenty of time. You’ve navigated security without any hang-ups, visited the check-in counter and made your way to the gate. You are ready to board the plane and head to your destination. You probably aren’t thinking too much about the noise level on the plane and whether or not traveling by air could be damaging to your ears. Even if you…

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