Want To Write For Explore With Catherine?

Want to be a Guest Blogger?

Do you have a knack for writing and love talking about Disney? Then, you may be just the Guest Blogger that we’re looking for.

We believe that there is enough room in this business for everyone to participate. And if the many years of teaching has taught me anything, it’s that “Sharing is caring.”

Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the Disney Blogging world, while simultaneously helping us out? We definitely want to hear from you.

Don’t feel like you have time or knowledge to start and maintain a blog, but you love to talk Disney and you’re great at social media? We definitely want to hear from you.

What we are looking for in a Guest Blogger

  • Subscribers of Explore With Catherine
    • Of course, we will stay in contact with you and let you know when you should be expecting your post(s) to be published. But, isn’t it nice to see the exact moment your post is published?
    • Plus, subscribers to any blog tend to learn the tone of voice in which the writer writes and what topics have been covered, making for a better partnership.
  • Original Content
    • Unfortunately, we can not accept copies of a post you have already published, either on other sites or your own. However, encouraging your readers to click, with a summary or a brief glimpse of your post, is encouraged. It’ll leave them wanting more.
    • Remember to add backlinks, so our readers know where they can find you and your other masterpieces.
    • Remember to add photos. Only submit photos that you own (have taken yourself). If you must use stock photos, make sure that they come from free sites like Pixabay and Pexels.
  • Must have existing Disney content on your Blog
    • It’s not necessary to have a Disney-themed Blog. Other (family-friendly) blogs will be considered. But, to seem like a natural fit, we just ask that you have previously written about Disney in the past. Posts of Family trips and having a Disney Menu Bar on your blog is great!
  • Must Stay Upbeat
    • Readers are less likely to continue reading something if the post is outwardly negative. We may not like everything (like price increases), but don’t let the whole post focus on the negative.
  • Social Media is encouraged
    • Should you decide to use social media, we just ask that you also tag Explore With Catherine when promoting your post. And we will do the same when referring to your post.

What we are not looking for in a Guest Blogger

  • Promoting yourself as a Travel Agent
    • If you are a Travel Agent with a Disney blog, that is absolutely ok. No one knows the business better than we do. But, since I am also a Travel Agent, promoting your business that is in direct competition with mine would feel very disrespectful. I would never try to steal your clients away from you, so I only ask for the same respect.

Does this sound like you?

If you have an idea that you would like to pitch, send an email to ExploreWithCatherine@gmail.com or fill out the form below.

Remember to add your blog URL (if you have one), so we can check it out!

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