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Must Haves For Traveling With A Baby

January 12, 2022

Traveling with a baby is one thing that most people dread doing.

You can’t guarantee your baby will be in a good mood on travel day. And just thinking about all of the “stuff” you need to bring with you is enough to make you want to cancel your next vacation.

But, it doesn’t have to be the nightmare you’re envisioning.

Thanks to some new products on the market, traveling with our new baby boy will be much easier than it was when our older boys were little.

Must Haves For Traveling With A Baby


Bibs With Attached Spoon

Have you ever gone out to eat somewhere and your toddler decides to throw their silverware to the floor? Yup…me too.

Thanks to a friend, I started seeing Bibado bibs about a year ago. So, when we found out we were having another baby, I knew I was going to get one.

Not only do they have long sleeves, some actually have silverware that you can snap onto the bib.

They’re designed to be strapped to a high chair. But, they’re actually pretty long. Since many restaurants don’t have an attached tray, you’re still going to have maximum coverage and protect your little one’s clothing from those inevitable spills.

Formula Dispensing Bottles

When it comes to traveling with a baby, the key to keeping them content for any extended amount of time is a full belly.

But, whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, space is limited. And where space is limited, spills are bound to happen. So, I learned long ago that ready-to-go servings are the way to go.

With young babies, you’re likely going to be bringing bottles with you anyway. So, you may as well bring one that serves a double purpose.

What I love about these PopYum bottles is that with one press of a button, the formula mixes with the water. All you need to do is shake. No mixing, spills, or messes.

And best of all, you don’t have to worry abut bringing along a bunch of extra containers.

Hands Free Breast Pump and Beaugen Comfy Cushions

Tired of being tied to the wall all the time, I set out to find a hands free breast pump that didn’t break the bank. That’s when I found this hands free pump.

While others sold for hundreds of dollars, this one sells at about $50. And if you’re a member of the Amazon Shopper Panel, like I am, you can use your monthly gift card to get it for even less.

I purchased this hands free breast pump so I could also get stuff done around the house while my little one sleeps. Pumping takes so much time!

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from such a cheap pump. But, it has impressed me. It does a great job on its own. But, it wasn’t until I added Beaugen’s Clearly Comfy Cushions that I felt like I was really maximizing my output.

Thanks to the silicone flange, the pump, itself, is surprisingly comfortable. But, Beaugen’s Clearly Comfy Cushions gives me a better fit, which in turn provides me with better results. I couldn’t imagine using one without the other.

Now that I’ve got a great system going, I haven’t even touched my bigger pump in weeks. And thanks to the smaller size and portability (not to mention, easy to clean), the hands free pump and breast cushions are completely travel-friendly.


Portable Sound Machine

One concern I always have about traveling with a baby was how well he is he going to sleep outside of his normal environment.

Will he be so tired from the day’s adventure he’ll easily fall asleep? Or will he keep everyone up all night because he’s in an unfamiliar place?

Luckily, my older boys have always been able to sleep wherever, whenever. I felt like I hit the baby jackpot.

But, every baby is different. Of course, we’re hoping this little boy will be like his big brothers. But, just in case, we have a portable sound machine we’ll be bringing with us on our 1st trip as a family of 5.

This little Lectrofan Portable Sound Machine has 7 different soothing sounds. So, you can choose whichever sound helps your little one fall asleep the fastest. It also has a built in stand for setting on a night table and a clip for attaching it to a crib, stroller, or wherever your baby is trying to sleep.

Weighted Sleep Sack

Does your baby need to feel your hand on him as he’s falling asleep? Then he may like Nested Bean’s Weighted Sleep Sack.

My husband likes to laugh at me when I call this our son’s weighted blanket. Of course, weighed blankets aren’t safe for babies, which is why the only part of the sack with any weight to it is inside the cute little chick. Depending on which size you get, this can be anywhere between 1 and 5 oz.

Nested Bean’s products are meant to simulate a parent’s touch, promoting self soothing so your baby gets better, and longer, sleep.

I can’t guarantee that this sleep sack will turn your up-multiple-times-a-night sleeper into one that sleeps all night. But, our son seems to like his weighted sleep sack. At just shy of 4 months old, he’s only waking up once a night to eat before immediately falling back to sleep.

We have the Zen Sack. But, if you’re not a fan of sleep sacks, they also have weighted sleepers and onesies, as well.

Getting Around

Consider Renting A Stroller To Make Life Easier

There’s enough to pack without also having to deal with a stroller, as well. And in many places, a carrier works just as well.

But, as frustrating as it is to maneuver strollers in the Theme Parks, I do think it’s the better option.

That’s why I like stroller rental companies. You can rent a stroller, like the one you have at home (none of those hard plastic strollers here) without having to deal with checking them in at the airport. And since they don’t belong to the Theme Parks, you can take them anywhere you want.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Kingdom Strollers is perfect for families wanting to visit the area’s many Theme parks. You can choose to have them deliver and pick up the stroller at your Resort. Or if you’re flying into the Orlando International Airport, you can pick it up right at the airport.

If you’re visiting other cities, such as San Francisco or Anaheim, Cloud of Goods offers stroller rentals, as well.

Or Opt For Travel-friendly Strollers

If you’re planning on traveling a lot or you don’t want the additional cost of renting a stroller each time you travel somewhere, you may want to opt for a travel-friendly stroller. The portability will make your life so much easier.

With a 15 year age gap between our 2nd and 3rd baby (surprise!), we have to repurchase everything. And, while we love our stroller, we’re definitely going to need something smaller and more compact for our upcoming trip.

Amazon has some decently priced strollers that are specifically made for traveling with a baby in mind. Some of them can also be stored in the overhead bin.

But, if you’re looking for a better quality stroller, check out They sell secondhand strollers for a fraction of the price.

They’re professionally cleaned, inspected, and comes with a limited warrantee. Because of the nature of the business, inventory does vary. But, if you’re in the market for something higher end, it’s worth a look. I’ve seen UPPAbaby strollers for under $300, which is an amazing deal for this brand.

Must Haves For Hotels / Vacation Homes


I don’t want to think about what goes on in hotel rooms and vacation homes before I get there.

If I did, I certainly wouldn’t think about putting my baby on the floor to play.

We have the Wander and Roam Vegan Leather Playmat, in the Stripes design. And although baby boy can’t sit up yet, we’re already enjoying it.

Admittedly, it’s a pricier product. But, the quality is there. And they do look nicer than the traditional foam mats we had when the older boys were young.

Because it’s not fluffy, folding it up is really easy. If you’re looking for a plush and cushy mat, this isn’t it. But, if you’re looking for a mat that will travel well, this is actually a positive thing.

And while I wouldn’t suggest letting your child paint or color on it, if you’re dealing with spit up or spilled milk, wiping away messes is super easy.

For Mom

Scarf With Hidden Pocket

Was there ever a more perfect travel accessory than the infinity scarf with a hidden pocket?

The last thing you want to lugging around the airport with is a purse. I usually only bring a small purse with me on vacation. But, I don’t carry it around the airport with me. I stuff it into my carry on, so I don’t accidentally lose it. But, I can access it as soon as I get to my destination.

Now that we’re traveling with a baby again, our carry on is going to be packed with things we need for the baby.

But, with this handy scarf, I won’t even miss my purse. While you’re not going to want to overstuff your scarf (after all, you’re carrying it around your neck), it will fit my phone, money, keys, plane tickets, Chapstick, and anything else I’ll need access to right away.

There’s many different variations of the same concept. But, I like this one because of the endless ways to wear it. The Zero Grid scarf unsnaps, so you can also use it as a wrap, shawl, or travel blanket.

Water Bottle

What’s so special about a water bottle? Well, nothing really. Aside from the absolutely adorable design, it’s your standard stainless steel water bottle.

But, Super Sparrow also sells a bottle sling to place your water bottle in.

Throw it across your shoulder like a cross body bag and you’re left with 2 hands to hold and take care of baby.

Even if you don’t have a baby, this would this be incredibly handy in the Theme Parks. Bottled water is extremely expensive in Theme Parks. And while you can get free water at the Quick Service Restaurants, carrying around a cup of water isn’t very convenient. So, we usually ask for a few cups of water and refill our water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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